Erçen Tutkal was established in 1975 by two visionary engineers.
With 43 years of experience in the paper sector, we are one of the oldest adhesive producers in the Turkish paper bonding industry.

In the 1970’s at a time when the Turkish economy was dominated by state owned enterprises, our customers included:

  • State owned sugar factories,
  • The State Supply Office,
  • All TEKEL (the tobacco and alcohol monopoly) cigarette factories.

As the private sector took off in the 1980’s, we adapted to the new business environment and became the leading adhesive supplier to all the major private sector firms.

We started production in 1975 with a 720 tons/year capacity. By the late 1980’s, we had increased this to 3.600 tons/year. In 2010, our production capacity reached 18.000 tons/year.
We currently have a production capacity of 42.000 tons/year.


We are a family owned company. Since 2010, the second generation of the family has taken on management of the company, leading to additional emphasis on differentiating our products through innovation and attempts to expand into international markets.

Erçen Tutkal produces 27 different types of paper bonding adhesives including the revolutionary Hybrid-PVA and K series adhesives.

What makes us different:
  • Our dedicated R&D Department are continuously working to improve our existing adhesives while also working to develop custom solutions for our clients.
  • Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments ensures that the raw materials we use, and our adhesive products are the same quality no matter the conditions.
  • Our effective distribution network ensures that our products are always delivered when and where they are required.

Erçen continues to be a customer focused firm, taking a proactive approach to ensure your needs and requirements are fulfilled.
We can tailor our products to your specific needs and develop custom solutions for you.

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and uses ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems as a recognized method of delivering customer satisfaction and controlling quality of our products.
Our products are certified REACH and RoHS compliant by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Our products are also CE certified.

iso 9001 2015